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Has Seattle Found the Solution to Driving Alone to Work?

May 23, 2019

seattle monorail

How a fast-growing city has invested heavily in mass transit alternatives to keep a lid on gridlock.

Read the story at POLITICO Magazine.

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  1. M Otrec permalink

    All I can say is really about the article in Seattle? You must come here and get stuck in traffic. Our transit system is a joke, and a little too late. We have light rail now but people are not giving up their cars. The city created the traffic problem and has done little to fix it, a LOT too late. Try getting to work on a bus that is stuck in traffic or goes down a one lane road for miles in the busiest part of the city. Try riding a bus stuck in traffic because a 4 lane road is now a 2 lane road. Light rail doesn’t go everywhere. The people that drive will always drive unless the roads are closed to them. Seattle is a mess!

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