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Adrift in Time: Why Peddocks Island is an Island Community Like No Other

Peddocks Island’s summer cottagers are the last people who live on a Boston Harbor island. Their community has an expiration date nobody knows.

Read the story in Yankee Magazine.

What Will Happen If the Stolen Gardner Museum’s Works Are Found?

It’s been 30 years this month since the unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist first rocked Boston and the art world. Ever wonder what will happen if the 13 stolen artworks are recovered? For the first time, Gardner security chief Anthony Amore offers a step-by-step guide.

Read the story in Boston Magazine.

How Boston Is Becoming the City Where Workers Rule

By helping worker-owned cooperatives launch, the city is trying to boost its lower-income residents.

Read the story at POLITICO Magazine.

More of my coverage of urban jobs efforts:

Detroit’s Plan to Make Sure Redevelopment Boosts the Whole City
A groundbreaking law requires new projects to hire locally and build neighborhood amenities.

Debbie Dingell’s Mission to Take Back Michigan from Trump

Her voters, convinced the Democratic Party had abandoned them, helped turn the state red. Can she find the right message to woo them back?

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In New Hampshire, the town dump is the place to campaign


I’m writing about the New Hampshire primary for the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism’s Manchester Divided wire service.

Trash Prospectors: Three days before primary, the town dump is the place to campaign in New Hampshire (Feb. 8)

Requesting Equity: Students press the presidential candidates to remember the poor in their climate policies (Feb. 6)

The Other Protest: Pro-Trump truck flashes high-wattage TV clips about Democrats outside a New Hampshire youth climate town hall (Feb. 6)

The backroom deals that saved Andrew Johnson’s presidency by a single Senate vote

In the 1868 impeachment trial, the power to end a presidency created intense pressure on the senators who would cast the deciding votes.

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How Baltimore Is Experimenting Its Way Out of the Food Desert

balt pic

The city is fighting diet-related illnesses in its poorest neighborhoods one fresh tomato at a time.

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