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Roldo Bartimole, Cleveland’s original alt-journalist


The day Roldo Bartimole turned 35—April 5, 1968—a crisis of conscience struck him.

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Move over, Trump. This president’s two lions set off the greatest emoluments debate.

4VYPH53RPA56HLLLTOQOPC557AThe sultan of Morocco gifted Martin Van Buren a pair of lions, but a little-known part of the Constitution — the same that threatens to ensnare President Trump — forced him to turn them over.

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States Aren’t Waiting for the Supreme Court to Solve Gerrymandering


In Ohio, voters ratified a bipartisan deal that gives the minority party more say in how congressional maps are drawn.

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When America’s Most Prominent Socialist Was Jailed for Speaking Out Against World War I

granger_0013987_highresAfter winning 6 percent of the vote in the 1912 presidential election, Eugene Debs ran afoul of the nation’s new anti-sedition laws.

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When Hitler met Hoover: 9 photos of dictators scoring presidential face time

Every modern commander in chief, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Barack Obama, has gripped-and-grinned for the cameras with cruel authoritarians.

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The Sweetheart of the American Expeditionary Force

During World War I, vaudeville star Elsie Janis traveled to France to bring good cheer to U.S. troops.

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‘The Police Aren’t Just Getting You In Trouble. They Actually Care.’

gloucesterHow a bunch of tiny police departments in eastern Massachusetts are fighting the opioid epidemic by offering treatment, not jail.

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