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‘The President himself may be guilty’: Why pardons were hotly debated by the Founding Fathers


The Mueller report raised the issue the Constitution’s framers feared in 1787: Abuse of presidential power

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The Forgotten Story of the American Troops Who Got Caught Up in the Russian Civil War


Even after the armistice was signed ending World War I, the doughboys clashed with Russian forces 100 years ago.

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Has Boston Given Up On God?


The church once held a powerful place in daily life for thousands of Bostonians. But as science and tech take over this town, an entirely new religion is taking its place.

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A Park Built for Protest


Cleveland’s Public Square was designed with free speech in mind. So far, it’s working.

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Mary Katharine Goddard, the Woman who Signed the Declaration of Independence


Likely the United States’ first woman employee, this newspaper publisher was a key figure in promoting the ideas that fomented the Revolution.

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‘They’re Bold and Fresh’: The Millennials Disrupting Boston’s Transit System

Armed with data and outside-the-box ideas, TransitMatters is redefining citizen engagement.

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A Grassroots Call to Ban Gerrymandering

Michigan Supreme Court Protest

Voters Not Politicians gathered an astounding 425,000 signatures in Michigan to secure a spot on the November ballot for a proposed constitutional amendment creating a citizens’ commission for redistricting.

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