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Has Boston Given Up On God?

December 11, 2018


The church once held a powerful place in daily life for thousands of Bostonians. But as science and tech take over this town, an entirely new religion is taking its place.

Read the story at Boston Magazine.

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  1. Erick, I’m an MIT Chaplain working in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation to bring science, faith & philosophy three-hour dinner-discussions to life among MIT & Harvard faculty and local religious leaders, with our dinners taking place at the Harvard Faculty Club. I’ve twice hosted George Church with 120+ in attendance both times. Been doing so since 2005. Templeton helped me to export our “Roundtables on Science & Religion” to Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia & in Amherst. We could be expanding next to Chicago, Cornell, Duke, Penn & Princeton. A good many regular participants are agnostics or atheists. But who needs another feel-good story, right? Ha! Ask me about why my website is a year out of date – on purpose!

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