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Charlie Sykes’ Air War

August 21, 2016

sykes picHow one of the most influential #NeverTrumpers is battling his party’s nominee and questioning some long-held beliefs.

Read the story at Politico Magazine.

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One Comment
  1. Tom permalink

    Interesting story, but Mr. Sykes shouldn’t get a pass merely because he is standing up to Trump. Surely Charlie knows how well George Wallace did with Wisconsin voters in 1968. To assume these people just magically disappeared, or that they didn’t leave behind children and grandchildren is a little rich for him to now be shocked that there is gambling in this particular casino. Does he really think all these blue collar hacks are listening to him because he advocates trickle down economics and deregulation? It’s the cultural issues, stupid. Don’t you think Charlie has to know that?

    –Tom, MN

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