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Hook, Line, and Sinker

August 25, 2015


Maine treasure hunter Greg Brooks found the world’s richest shipwreck off the coast of Cape Cod. Or at least that’s what he told investors.

Read the story at Boston Magazine.

More coverage:

Feds: Maine Treasure Hunter Told Pal, ‘We’re Both Going to Get F—ked Now’ (Aug. 28)

Judges: ‘Ample Evidence’ Maine Treasure Hunter Schemed to Defraud Investors (Sept. 8)

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One Comment
  1. 2012, I sailed on the Port Nicholson. I stayed for almost 11 months. I’ve done more research on that wreck than probably most. I was speaking with Jeff Newton, he was a producer for 60 minutes. He made several trips out to deep site. He asked if I had contacted you yet. I have proof that there is not, any treasure. Look at some of the postings I have put up on Facebook.
    Look forward to speaking with you.
    Mike Dupuis

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